April 15, 1993 - October 8, 2004
Most Loyal and Good;
He had the Heart of a Democrat.

The pet funeral "undertaker" came late yesterday. She drove up in a black GM pick-up truck she calls the "ambulance", with a Bush/Cheney sticker on the back window.

My moral quandry on sending my dog away with a Republican had a short duration. We had the first hot day in a month yesterday. At least she had to walk my gauntlet of Kerry/Edwards yard signs.

Seventy-something, she wore a calf-length skirt with cowboy hat and boots. Her assistant is somehow challenged and looks and acts a little like the Disney version of Quasimodo: wide-eyed and open-mouthed. This Quasimodo was young enough to have very bad skin.

When I asked if she wanted to just roll the flatbed that I had the dog on, she leaned in and whispered to me, "Let's just use the stretcher. If there are any children watching, we don't want them to be disturbed."

All I could think of was, "And it's not disturbing to see a child-size, sheet-wrapped corpse being carried by Quasimodo and a Republican woman in cowboy hat, boots and a skirt?"

I am not, incidentally, doing the nine-yards funeral with optional embalming and open casket. I dearly loved my pet but can think of better ways to spend $2000+. That much money could buy a heap of MilkBones for his surviving littermate. I am doing the cheapie cremation.

Having become enamored of home funerals after seeing the PBS film, "A Family Undertaking," I was going to bury Winston in the yard and had all sorts of sentimental ideas about the little Memory Garden that I could create. Then I went out and actually tried to dig the grave. I managed the necessary 4X4 dimensions but only got down about a foot in the Missouri red clay, which was actually softer because it had just rained.

I understood that I would NEVER get to a decent depth. And began to imagine paws and a tail sticking up through the roses in the Memory Garden. And an "odor".

Even a Bush/Cheney "ambulance" can have its appeal.

copyright 2004 Patricia Hamarstrom


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