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How the Bushies Came to Discover the Flip-Flop (Minds OUT of the gutter, GirlFriends and Boyfriends. Bob Dole SHARES the Viagra samples. And even when those run out, a good Republican just pops in a tape of the Convention, starts ChestpoundingAlong and takes it a little lower.)

The Bush Campaign was hurting. As usual, they had NO money with which to run a Presidential Campaign (and if you buy this one, I have a fair voting-place in Florida to sell you).

Vulcan 1 said, "Let's all go through our closets and find something to sell."

So the Vulcans and 1-2-B Vulcan all went to their closets.

Vulcan 1 said, "I have no successful health plan nor economic plan nor environmental plan. I have nothing to sell."

Vulcan 2 said, "I have an Iraqi war plan. But it's not worth a Texas shrub. I have nothing to sell."
Vulcan 3 said, "I have an Iraqi post-war plan. But it's not worth a Texas shrub. I have nothing to sell."

Vulcan 4 said, "I could bottle hair-styling gel, but I don't have enough spit."

Vulcan 5 said, "We have no military uniforms nor medals to sell. Georgie's Guard Garb is missing somewhere in Alabama."

1-2-B Vulcan piped up, " I could sell all my Saudi gifts and jewels.........but Dad won't let me. HOWEVER, I have all this old Toga Party footwear.

So the Vulcans ALL cleaned out their closets. There were toga party flip-flops galore. Those draft deferment college years were very good flip-flop years indeed for the fledgling Vulcans.

The rest is history. Flip-flops began appearing at every campaign event.

It is said that Vulcan-Sclimemeister-KR-Himself can be seen with his hot glue gun outside major rallies affixing old toga party flip-flops to poster board picket signs. He sells to The Believers for $25 per.

We have solidly unconfirmed reports that the Bush Campaign has raised almost a quarter of a mill selling old flip-flops. And that is from Sophomore Toga Party footwear alone.

Womankine just hopes that there are no plans for the white toga sheets in Florida this year.
copyright 2004 Patricia Hamarstrom
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