Only Re-pubs are Good Christians

They can use power and influence to escape military service while the powerless and the poor are dying.

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Homage to AH-NOLD

Girlie man
Burley man
Surley man
Slur of a man
Cur of a man

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..........bush's boo-boo

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From the Upper Orifice of George W. Bush's OFFICIAL Unpaid Campaign Advisor (otherwise known as Rush-the-Vico-Lush)

"There's good mud and bad mud."

"If you miss this program, you got nowhere to go for the truth."

[Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse] was "hazing" and "an out-of-control fraternity prank."

"The only problem with the [U.N. General Assembly] speech was Bush was talking about freedom and democracy to a room full of thugs and dictators, but it didn't hold him back."

"I'm going to get into it (Bush AWOL story) in a way the mainstream press wouldn't dream of getting into it.......Where is John McCain?........"McCain's been taken prisoner and being held as a POW by the Kerry camp, in the Kerry Hilton"

"I don't want to completely vanquish them (liberals) from the planet. I want at least 2 left on every college campus so that we can remember what they were."

"Everyone has always said that I came along and took a lot of skulls full of mush and shaped them and........It's not true."


The Halfbright Scholars

A Half of a Halfbright Scholar: "Our parents call each other Bushie. Hmmmmmm. (Halfbright Scholar Poll: Can a GUY have a Bushie?)

B Half of a Halfbright Scholar: "OUR hamster died." (We have the tape of Bush sitting and listening to children read for 7 minutes during the poor little beast's death.)

THE RE-PUB EAT THEIR CHILDREN Heard on Heartland talk radio. A mean trashing of the HBS Halves BY THE RE-PUB HOST. He declared their entire speech to be undecipherable.

"I know what a BONO is. What," he demanded, "is a MONO?"

Sludge Whispering Campaign (also known as the COCKS-Muse Whispering Campaign and, of late, the Speaker-Ninnie Whispering Campaign*****)


WWM, Heartland - Washington experts denied any rumor that House Speaker Dennis Hastert
receives any of his campaign contributions from drug cartels. In Hastert's recent interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, he said, "I'm saying I don't know where groups--could be people who support this type of thing. I'm saying we don't know. The fact is we don't know where this money comes from." Asked if "this money" (UNREPORTED Hastert campaign money?) could have derived from heroin sales, a resident expert said that she did not know.

*****A good example of a whispering campaign is the inference planted by conservative media
outlets that Teresa Heinz-Kerry gives money to "terrorists". In fact, she does not. (See
TheHamar's Media Matters blogs to get the full details.)

The most recent example of a whispering campaign is House Speaker Dennis Hastert's inference on Fox News Sunday that George Soros' monies were derived from drug sources. Forbes.com outlines the true source of Soros' wealth.

George W. Bush has a long history of being associated with whispering campaigns. There was one launched against Ann Richards in Bush's gubernatorial bid. The whispers were that she was a lesbian. There were also various whispering campaigns launched against John McCain in his 2000 presidential primary run against Bush. It was inferred that he was mentally unstable, that his African adopted daughter was his illegitimate child, etc.

Whispering campaigns are cheap and effective. They rely on word of mouth and ignorance. Note in the above "article" that I've created on Hastert, the way I have taken real quotes and strung them together, then asked questions instead of making statements.

Womankine's advice, if you read a start to a whispering campaign, is to "turn the Swift Boat into it". Reverse it back onto the first whisperer. And that is what she has done in the above "article" on Hastert. After you have "turned that Swift Boat", take a good shower.

Only Re-pubs are Good Christians

Christian-Re-pub Values in Action:
Womankine noted with great sadness that the Cheney family gathering onstage at the RNC did not include lesbian daughter Mary nor her partner. They remained seated in the audience. Wasn't there a story about a prodigal son in the Bible?

Christian-Re-pub Values in Action:
See WWM. Whispering Campaigns.