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Watch Out Rush, Your "FemNazis" and "MediaChicks" Are Coming

September 3, 2006
Questions for Gloria Steinem

All About Eve

Q: It’s been a generation since you founded Ms. magazine and became the face of American feminism, so why, at this late and supposedly liberated date, do we need GreenStone Media, an all-female, all-talk radio network that you just started with Jane Fonda?

The radio has become overbalanced toward the ultraright. AM talk radio does not reflect the fact that only 30 percent of the country, at the most, is anywhere near Rush Limbaugh.

But women, too, can be noisy right-wingers. Look at Ann Coulter.

If you create a movement, you create jobs and profits for someone to sell it out. That’s true of Phyllis Schlafly. It’s true of Ann Coulter; with both of them, I couldn’t invent a better adversary.

Who do you see as an ally? What about Hillary Clinton?

I disagree with her very much on the war. I feel otherwise she’s good on issues. But the war is huge.

Is Condoleezza Rice an ally of women?

I wish someone would write an article called “How Did Condoleezza Rice Get That Way?” She’s so separate from the welfare of the majority of Americans and especially the female and African-American communities to which she belongs.

So you see your radio network as the female version of Al Franken’s left-leaning Air America Radio?

No. No. They are very Washington-directed, very argumentative. What we are doing is more populist, centrist and community-oriented.

You seem attached to the 70’s ideal of communal activity, but most of us are now “bowling alone,” to borrow the title of Robert Putnam’s book on the collapse of American community.

Consciousness-raising groups became networking groups became book clubs. But the books are an excuse for people to come together. There is a reason why societies universally believe that the greatest punishment is isolation.

What sort of community can be formed by a radio network whose Web site denigrates women by promising something “lighter and more entertaining” than political talk shows, as GreenStone’s does?

That probably comes from the phrases women use when you do surveys. The message is they don’t want hostility, fighting, more heat than light.

But do women want a lengthy show on the virtues of Internet dating? That was the topic under discussion when I tuned in the other day. It seemed very young and fluffy.

Not necessarily. The fastest-growing group for Internet dating is older people.

Have you ever gone on an Internet-arranged date?

No. I am not interested in dating. I have a chosen family of friends. They include old lovers, who turn into friends. It’s so wonderful. All the brain cells that were dedicated to sex, they’re free for other things now.

You never had children and seem to prefer living by yourself.

That has less to do with isolation than that I was a parent to my mother, who wasn’t able to function as one.

And where was your dad in all this?

He was a kind, loving gypsy. Until I was 10 or 11, half the year, at least, was spent in a house trailer, going to Florida or California and buying or selling antiques along the way. I always had a fantasy of a house with a white picket fence.

Will you be a talk-show host for GreenStone?

No. My struggle is to write more and talk less.

What sort of book are you working on these days?

“America as if Everyone Mattered,” which is half memoir and half on-the-road book.

Do you write every day?

I try to, but e-mail happens, phone calls happen. My cat, Galahad, tortures a baby mouse, and I put the baby mouse in the garden.

Now that you’re 72, what do you make of the current mania for cosmetic surgery?

Twenty years ago, I had some fat taken out from my eye area. It turned out to be a mistake. I think in the long run it pulled down the lid. I haven’t had any other procedure.

You’ve often been described as “the good-looking feminist,” as if the others were ogres. Does that bother you?

I wasn’t considered so good-looking before I became a feminist.


Baby Hate

It broke my heart the other night when a little five-year-old called into the Mark Levin show. He asked if he could say, on air, the famous Levin line that ïs used to dismiss Democrats.(Sean Hannity has a recording that he plays before he kicks an adversary off the air.)

So here's this little child, in his loudest baby voice yelling, "Get off the phone, you big dope!" And then Levin proudly notes that there are little children all over the country who are learning the same phrase.

I have chills. Shades of Hitler Youth.


Does Katherine Harris' Christianity Support a Republic?

"Rep. Katherine Harris (R-Fla.) said this week that God did not intend for the United States to be a "nation of secular laws" and that the separation of church and state is a "lie we have been told" to keep religious people out of politics."If you're not electing Christians, then in essence you are going to legislate sin," Harris told interviewers from the Florida Baptist Witness."

It seems that Katherine Harris Spent some time at Francis Schaeffer's L’Abri in Switzerland. I have done a cursory look for info on him. I should stress the word, 'cursory'. I've not read his writing nor delved very deeply.

Schaeffer was indeed the father of the current culture wars; believing that Christians must go and dominate and take over society.

He was basically anti-democracy, anti-pluralistic society, and anti-immigration. I'm not talking about the current immigration controversy over our borders but rather immigration in the larger sense. All immigration. The anti-immigration stance basically came from the fact that he wanted everything converted to Christian. And not just any old Christian, but HIS brand of Christianity.

It seems to me a sort of pre-Apocalyptic method of "Leaving Behind", i.e. anyone who does not subscribe to our tenets really has no place in society.

From Wikipedia: "In A Christian Manifesto, Schaeffer's argument is simple. The United States began as a nation rooted in Biblical principles. But as society became more pluralistic, with each new wave of immigrants, proponents of a new philosophy of secular humanism gradually came to dominate debate on policy issues. Since humanists place human progress, not God, at the center of their considerations, they pushed American culture in all manner of ungodly directions, the most visible results of which included legalized abortion and the secularization of the public schools. At the end of A Christian Manifesto, Schaeffer calls for Christians to use civil disobedience to restore Biblical morality."


Was the Use of U.S. Bombs on Qana Illegal???

New York Times
August 25, 2006

Inquiry Opened Into Israeli Use of U.S. Bombs

WASHINGTON, Aug. 24 — The State Department is investigating whether Israel’s use of American-made cluster bombs in southern Lebanon violated secret agreements with the United States that restrict when it can employ such weapons, two officials said.

The investigation by the department’s Office of Defense Trade Controls began this week, after reports that three types of American cluster munitions, anti-personnel weapons that spray bomblets over a wide area, have been found in many areas of southern Lebanon and were responsible for civilian casualties.

Gonzalo Gallegos, a State Department spokesman, said, “We have heard the allegations that these munitions were used, and we are seeking more information.” He declined to comment further.

Several current and former officials said that they doubted the investigation would lead to sanctions against Israel but that the decision to proceed with it might be intended to help the Bush administration ease criticism from Arab governments and commentators over its support of Israel’s military operations. The investigation has not been publicly announced; the State Department confirmed it in response to questions.


Sunday school teacher fired for being female

Updated: 8/18/2006 5:53 AM
By: Amy Ohler, News10, Syracuse, NY
Since 1946, Mary Lambert has been a member of the First Baptist Church in Watertown, and for the past 11 years, she's been the Sunday school teacher.

But, last Thursday Lambert received a letter from the Diaconate Board telling her that she was dismissed from her position because the board had adopted the scriptural qualifications for Sunday school teachers. In short, this prohibits women from teaching men.

"I was astonished, absolutely astonished to pick up and read that kind of a letter without being talked to ahead of time about the possibility," said Mary Lambert.

The letter Lambert received says, "A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became sinner."

The letter was signed, "Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. Very truly yours, Kendra LaBouf." Kendra is the wife of City Council Member and Pastor Tim LaBouf.

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