Is Joe Lieberman in a Pact with the Devil(s)???

So we now know:

1) that one of Joe Lieberman's first callers, after his loss, was his "good friend" Karl Rove;

2) on Wednesday Tom DeLay voiced his support for the Connecticut Senator;

3) on Friday talk show propagandist Sean Hannity launched his endorsement for the turncoat Dem.

In my opinion, the question isn't if Lieberman has made a pact with Republicans to help defeat the Democrat initiative to take back the house and Senate, it is simply when he made the pact. Before or after his defeat?

For those who sing his praises as a decent man, I suggest they only have to examine the Senator's relationship with Hannity, the chickenhawk goon who batters and beats Dem callers and guests day after day. The only progressives that I've ever heard him snuggle up to are those who appear on his show to bash and trash their own. And that's exactly what Joe Lieberman has done during his appearances.

It's one thing to be a negotiator or defender of your family members with the guy who is abusing them. It's quite another thing to participate in the assault.

Read this National Review commentary if you want to get really depressed about the scope of the potential damage of Lieberman's run.


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