From The Washington Post 080906:
A Reader Defends This War

Bob Rosenschein; Jerusalem, Israel - What if you lived in a tough neighborhood, where reason doesn't work, where your enemies fight dirty, won't let you live in peace, and laugh at the idea of concession? Imagine, if you possibly can, that some renegade group in Tijuana denied the legitimacy of California and fired missiles or sent suicide bombers into Los Angeles. Imagine that diplomatic pressures and the United Nations failed. What would you do?

Bill Cosby tells a story many parents can identify with. "Your older child is holding a toy. The younger child is grabbing at it and screaming. What do most parents do? Yell at the older child, of course. 'Just give it to him! Can't you see he's crying!' Because parents," explains Cosby, "are not interested in justice. They want quiet.".......continue

womankine-s mind...........there is no defense for this war

Pretend that you live in an oppressed, desperately poor, and tough ghetto. You are unable to leave. You are unable to sustain a life beyond hunger and poverty and want. If any in your ghetto rebel against the oppression, there is collective punishment.

It could mean watching the suffering death of your child. It could mean that the shabby home you have is destroyed.

It does not matter that you have "behaved" yourself, like a good and submissive ghetto prisoner.

Next door is a lovely, safe, and prosperous land; a piece of which used to belong to your grandfather. The new tenants broke precedents of eminent domain in order to inhabit your family's land and now they are your Oppressors.

They are rich and strong and have richer and stronger Friends who give them money and weapons. It was a Friends' bomb that exploded your child, leaving only little bits of baby limbs by which to remember her.

Some of the Friends believe that if there is a war between the ghetto and the neighbor, it will be a very good thing. They hold to mythical beliefs that this war would lead to eternal hell for "bad" humans, while giving Believers a life on a cloud in a paradise called Heaven and enabling the return of their Savior.

Even some Friends who are not Believers can be heard to write and say that you and your ghetto should just all be killed. There is the whisper of genocide in their land.

Perhaps Bill Cosby wears thin when he is mediating a battle between siblings and settles for quiet instead of justice. When the stakes are death and the future of the world, leaders should be held to higher standards of patience and perseverance.

A good parent must be an honest broker. She knows that if she continually neglects or abuses only one child, then that child will visit her anger and wrath on the entire family.

She knows that small, weak, or oppressed children will pick up weapons to batter the strong that they feel helpless to protect themselves from.

So she jumps in and negotiates resolution that will provide both children with a sense of security and hope and shared "toys".

She wisely stops all violence before the DAMNED KIDS KILL THEMSELVES AND THE FAMILY OF MAN.

Posted by: womankine | August 9, 2006 10:38 AM

Patricia Williams: WOW!! You summed it all. A beautiful piece. Thank you.

Posted by: msa | August 9, 2006 11:12 AM


Blogger xkalibr said...

"When the stakes are death and the future of the world, leaders should be held to higher standards of patience and perseverance."

wouldn't it be nice. thanks for posting this.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so good. It made me cry.

1:51 PM  

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